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Here is what you have to do to successfully add your store to DSautopilot:

  1. Go to Settings and choose Seller Accounts. Click Add account.

2. Put a name for your seller account (it can differ from your Amazon store name because it is just for your understanding and convenience, it will not influence DSautopilot performance) and a marketplace fee (Amazon takes time to count a fee for the order, so at first we use the approximate amount due to the percentage you put here. When Amazon updates a fee for the order, it will be shown in the report and counted to your profit accurately.), choose your marketplace. Click Create.

3. Log in to your seller account and give DSautpilot access to your store. (After you’ve signed in to your seller central, your account will be added to DSautopilot. It will have status success.)

4. If you haven’t signed in and you still want to add your account, find it in seller accounts (it will have the status “Setup not finished”). Click Re-Authorize and log in to your seller account.

In case of any questions contact our customer support in chat, in Telegram, or in WhatsApp.

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