Calculating profit for Refunded and Cancelled orders


Last Update 2 年前

The profit of Refunded orders is equal to - the Amazon fee and Buy price.

For example, you sold a product for 43.98 CAD (Canadian dollars), and you spent 34 CAD on the buyer account to complete this order.

After that, you made a Refund for your customer, but still, you paid the Amazon fee, so you lost 34 CAD on your product + 1.58 CAD on the Amazon fee.

Pay attention - if you received a full refund from your buyer account as well, you need to put 0 in the Buy Price field.

However, please note that a profit is calculated properly within 1-2 weeks after competing your order when we get information about fee from Amazon.

Profit for Cancelled orders is also calculated properly within 1-2 weeks when we get information from Amazon.

So during the first days after canceling the order, it may seem to you that we count your profit incorrectly, but you just need to wait for the update.

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