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1. Click on +New Strategy.

2. Choose Build Your Own Strategy.

3. Choose to compete with BuyBox.

4. Choose to match with the competitor’s price.

5. Choose to compete differently against Fulfilled by Amazon and Seller Fulfilled Prime.

6. Choose to compete differently against Amazon.

7. Choose to treat Seller Fulfilled Prime the same as Fulfilled by Amazon.

8. When there is no competition, use machine learning to find the optimal price.

9. When the competition is below your Min Price, use Min Price.

10. When the competition matches your Min Price, use Min Price.

11. When your own price matches your Min Price, use your Min Price.

12. When BuyBox is suppressed, use Min Price.

13. Disable pricing your out-of-stock listing to Max Price.

14. Disable Smart Price Reset.

15. Enable not lowering your price when in the BuyBox.

16. Choose Return on Investment to set your Min and Max prices. We recommend putting 15% for Minimum ROI and 300% for Maximum ROI.

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