Why doesn't the repricer change the stock/price of your product?


Last Update 2 years ago

1. Did you add a supplier link to DSautopilot inventory?

If not, add it.

2. Is the repricer strategy turned on in the strategy list?

If not, turn it on.

3. Did you choose a repricer strategy for this particular product?

If not, choose. How to do it read here

4. Supplier Ships from Amazon? (only for items that have Amazon sellers as suppliers)

We do not take into account the FBM (Fulfilled by merchant) supplier, so the repricer will change your stock to 0, even if the delivery time of such a supplier is suitable for the repricer's strategy.

5. Is your supplier's item condition New? (only for eBay suppliers)

If you buy Open box or any other condition products, choose it in the repricer strategy settings. If you don't do it, the repricer will change your stock to 0.

6. Do your supplier's delivery times match those in the repricer's strategy?

For example, I have specified that the supplier must deliver within 7 days.

In the inventory, I see that the estimated delivery date of the goods by the supplier is 06/16/2022. Today is 06/10/2022.

If the Supplier Delivery date was, for example, 06/18/2022, then the repricer would change my stock to 0.

If you answered "yes" to all the questions above, but the repricer still does not change the stock / price, write us your account email and the SKU of the product so that we can check.

We are waiting for you in the chat or in Telegram.

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